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140whiteboykrispy May 26, 2011 at 11:30 am
mis-entered my email btw on that comment above my bad

141ozymandias May 26, 2011 at 10:45 am
Thag: That’s not exactly what heteronormativity means: basically it means that people assume other people are heterosexual and cisgendered until proven otherwise, which can cause problems for queer people. It’s one of those gender-studies concepts you don’t have to know much about unless you actually are interested in queer theory, which is not for everyone and that’s okay.

Clarence: Interesting links! Feminist Critics is an cool blog, from what I’ve read of it; I disagree with a lot of their stuff, but they seem intellectually honest and intelligent. Rape is a difficult subject to come up with solid statistics about, because there’s such debate around it. However, I hope you realize that a case of rape that happened may still be dropped because of insufficient evidence or the complainant withdraws, and is still a rape that hasn’t been prosecuted. In addition, some women may not ever report their rapes because they know they don’t have a solid case, or don’t want to have to relive the trauma, or whatever. Admittedly, there are some false rape accusations, and sometimes a woman was raped but is mistaken about who raped her. I think we may agree that the majority of rapes are never prosecuted?

Just Jen: I didn’t say it, I was quoting the Rethinking Virginity Tumblr in order to prove that Susan was (almost certainly unintentionally) misstating the idea of the conference. And it’s a giant thread derail so it basically has nothing to do with the blog. :)

142OffTheCuff May 26, 2011 at 10:46 am
A few random things…

Everyone here should watch VCB since it’s such a good character study on the things we talk about. It’s actually not a great movie, I found a some of the dialog contrived, and the narration weak. And it even passes the silly* feminist test where two women talk and don’t mention a man.

Second, hipbones are good? Hm. Mrs. Cuff (aka SGG) has recently started complaining about my hipbones. Maybe it’s one of those fake complaints that’s actually a good thing. Crafty…

*if you accept this test as valid, your frame is Fail.

143ozymandias May 26, 2011 at 11:29 am
OTC: I think the more parsimonious explanation is that Susan and I love hipbones, and your wife does not. I mean, we’ve established in this thread that ladies can have different opinions on physical attractiveness (seriously, I do not get you people who dislike Lee Pace).

Wow, time to change my online dating profile pic!


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