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if one were forced to choose between the arrogant jerk or the best friend approach, my experience has shown that more women respond better to the arrogant jerk.

This is true in the short-term, yes, especially in light of the redefinition of the Best Friend that has occurred. However, women do use different strategies for short vs. long-term mating, and the jerk only appeals for the former. Young women or women in college are more likely to prioritize short-term attractions, but as they mature and begin thinking about finding a real mate, most will shift their priorities. The ones that don’t – well, we know what happens to them.

18Escarondito September 3, 2010 at 3:17 pm
“And I just clicked over on your blog for the first time—seems like my posts on Obsidian’s Dr. Laura thread have really been making the rounds!”

Yes I just started the second blog, but I am noticing my race relations post and dragnet niggers has brought in a considerable amount of views. I’ll put it this way. July I had 25 views for the month, those two posts went up and I had 256 views in august, I’m going to 100 already and the month just started for september. In actually bringing up the post and consistently asking your key questions and mine, I have learned several new things and will be writing posts on them. 1) The fight to breakdown the double standard of nigger yet acceptance of the many others, bitch, spic, chic, cunt. 2) The Jersey shore boys using guido, a ethnic slur, as a term of endearment amongst themselves and the older generation not understanding that it is used affectionately amongst each other. Comparable to blacks and the NAACP “burying” the word.(Which is still sooooo corny in my opinion and a early sympton of their decline from reality).

My latest observation is that some believe that not being allowed to say nigger takes away whites humanity, therefore implying that the core humanity of whites is professing racial superioty through verbs and actions that instill fear. Check the link for his response to my question. It will be 24 hours soon I’ve been waiting for a response. I hope he has the testicular fortitude to appraoch my points. I eagerly await his response. Because I feel dragnet, you and I have found 2 concrete questions that center on the entire issue of the N word debate. Also, check my very toungue-in-cheek, but potentially true way for whites to stop blacks using the N word if they want to so bad.

19Susan Walsh September 3, 2010 at 4:30 pm


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